Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cant Wait!?!?!?!?!?

I am so excited for a couple things, that are going to be happening soon!

1. My birthday ( super cheesy I know) I am going to be the big 21.. yah for me!

2. Graduation, I know I still have 4 months left... but I am thinking(hoping) it will fly by.

3. Summer... Sun... Swimming...Tans...Fun

4.Vegas... not for a bit, but should be a super fun girls trip. Plus we are going to NAHA's which is the North American Hairstylist Award Show... should be a good time. Did I mention we are staying at the Mandalay Bay, pretty sure the wave pool is amazing.

5. Last but not least... NEWPORT BEACH. Yes! I am taking a little leave from school, and taking a much needed family vacation. Thanks Grandpa and Shawna... I love you guys. I am putting some picture up of the fabulous house they rented, right on the beach baby... cannot wait.

These are just a couple.... but doesnt it just look AMAZING... heaven on earth. I'm super excited... here comes my diet ;)


McKall said...

just do the spoon me diet with me! haha kidding! But yes you have many fun things to look forward to! lucky you!

Sierra Smith said...

Yes!!! I can hardly wait to play with you all week in Cali!! Michael isn't coming so me, you , Syd, and Sophie can play the entire time!! LOVE YOU!!

Sydney and Griffin said...

Woot Woot Newport here we come! Oh and the big 21 isn't bad either!


Kaesy said...


Shauna B. said...

Hi! It was fun to run into you the other day! Hope your having a fun summer!