Monday, January 28, 2008

Yes I know... First Post!

I copied this from Syd's blog.... but I thought that she might appreciate that I actually posted something... sorry guys I don't have anything to blog about! Here comes the first post!

A-Z Survey

A - Available
Not so much
B - Birthday
June 2, 1988
C - Crush
Currently Channing Tatum
D - Dad's Name
Steven Terry Lowry
E – Eggs how do you like yours?
Over easy,with salsa
F - Favorite Band
Wow this is tough... Tegan & Sara, The Sounds, Anberlin, Anything 80's, Yaz, Regina Spektor, Rachel Yamagata, Paramore, Frou Frou, and many many more...
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms
worms, I like the ones that are pink and blue w/ the sugar sprinkled on top
H - Hometown
I - Instrument
I love the piano.
J - Job
I work at the BLM. A super fun job in a cube. I would have to go with Syd on this one!!!
K - Kids
When I am married
L - Longest Car Ride
I would also have to go with the great trip to Balboa Island... very long, but luckily for me I got to ride Shotgun (unlike Syd... guess thats what happens when you're married:))
M - Milk Flavor
N - Number Of Siblings
Two siblings, and three step siblings.
O - One Wish
Win a lot of money so I never have to work or go to school again!
P - Phobias
I hate heights....
Q – Quiet or Loud
Well I would have to say I'm pretty loud.
R – Recent Concert
I think it was probably Anberlin... all that I know is that its been too long!!
S - Song You Last Heard
This is now, by the Knife
T - Time You Woke Up
About 7 am
U - Unknown Fact About Me
I hate school....
V - Vegetable
I would have to go with corn on the cob
W - Worst Habits
Nail biting and procrastinating.
X - X-Rays You've Had
Well the dentist, and of my gallbladder
Y - Your Favorite Food
Anything Mexican
Z - Zodiac Sign
Gemini- Twins