Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cant Wait!?!?!?!?!?

I am so excited for a couple things, that are going to be happening soon!

1. My birthday ( super cheesy I know) I am going to be the big 21.. yah for me!

2. Graduation, I know I still have 4 months left... but I am thinking(hoping) it will fly by.

3. Summer... Sun... Swimming...Tans...Fun

4.Vegas... not for a bit, but should be a super fun girls trip. Plus we are going to NAHA's which is the North American Hairstylist Award Show... should be a good time. Did I mention we are staying at the Mandalay Bay, pretty sure the wave pool is amazing.

5. Last but not least... NEWPORT BEACH. Yes! I am taking a little leave from school, and taking a much needed family vacation. Thanks Grandpa and Shawna... I love you guys. I am putting some picture up of the fabulous house they rented, right on the beach baby... cannot wait.

These are just a couple.... but doesnt it just look AMAZING... heaven on earth. I'm super excited... here comes my diet ;)